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stephen in Dallas, TX USA  120410 22:10

I stumbled across your youtube video of Foggy Mountain Breakdown and was simply blown away. I must have watched and re-watched it a dozen times! It listened to a few other tunes on your website and then quickly went to itunes for the Acoustic album. You've got a new fan and I look forward to exploring your music.

courtney in nm  120407 3:45
hi martin

im a web developer. really like your "ambient groove" couldnt see it for sale but id really like to use it on one of my new sites as an intro piece and link back to your youtube channel or here. let me know if thats ok with you.

thanks so much

Fredrik in Gotland  120406 21:25
Fantastisk musik! Fantastisk gitarrist!

En kanske konstig fråga: Var det du som satt och spelade någonstans i närheten av Citygallerian i Stockholm den 23/3 vid 19-tiden, eller var det bara någon som lät snarlikt?
Edwin Stepp in Pasadena, CA    120404 22:27
A friend sent the link to your video playing Foggy Mountain Breakdown. Loved it and now discovering your other fantastic tunes. Thanks, Edwin
Rick in Georgia    120404 3:48
Man I love your playing. I've been a big Chet and Jerry reed fan most of my life and I've never heard them covered better. I really like your originals as well. Thanks for sharing your talent.
Johan Kristoferson in Karlskoga  120404 0:34
Hej Martin!
Först vill jag berömma dej för din fantastiska teknik!
Sen till min fråga, har hört att du bor i örebro och undrar då om du ger privatlektioner, om inte kanske du vet nån man kan gå hos för att lära sig dina tekniker på akustisk gitarr?

Med vänlig hälsning,
Mathil8 in Canada    120403 7:22
Awesome music... enjoying everything from the lap steel to the baritone acoustic. Any chance you're going to tab out Lonely Road in the near future? That song's been stuck in my head for the last year and a bit :P. Friend's building a lap steel right now, and I want to learn your tune as soon as he finishes.

Thanks! Keep up the great music!

Rick in Florida 120403 4:37
Just bought your Acoustics CD on Itunes...Lookin forward to the next one! You have a talent and a gift!
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