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A little boy in Thailand  120326 17:46
hi I'm Thai
Could you please sent me a Freight Train Tab ?
cause I saw your link, Is it get Free right? but I can't enter to get free because link is unable. please check again :D
but I can't buy too. i don't have paypal and visa so it's hardest for me T_T
Please contract me back Thank you so much..
Tom Bell in Concord, NH USA  120324 21:17
Hello Martin, I just stumbled on your website and youtubes. I like your music very much. Nice variety. Are you familiar with Fingerstyle Magazine? I will send them your name and links to your videos - if that's ok. You seem to be a natural fit for their audience in the US. Would love to get a tab for "Bluefield". Do you live in Sweden? US? You should consider a US tour. Thanks for your music.
Gabriel in Argentina  120323 20:30
Hi Martin! i found your site through TDPRI because i am trying to learn to play country guitar! your licks are so wonderful! but it takes time to incorporate licks into playing...for me at least!

I wanted to ask you two questions: one is about gear, what would you recommend as a good amp for country and blues sounds? i play a MIM telecaster which i love, but i need an amp.

The other question is about the music itself, sometimes country is "disonant" in quality and that make it intresting but musically is a little confusing in terms of scales and notes, etc, what is a good way to learn to play chicken picking ala Brad Paisley, Brent Mason, etc? any recommendations on how to start? because i can learn the licks but find it difficult to apply...

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!
Glenn Brown in Athens, Georgia  120323 2:59
Mr. Tallstrom- I'm a 61 year old lawyer-although not very acomplished as a musician, I've played guitar since I was 10 years old. I learned sitting on the front porch of an old frame house on a dirt road in rural Georgia, as a boy. I've followed guitarists all of my life, and heretofore, was of the opinion that even good guitarists "competed" with the instrument. Only three-Jimi Hendrix, Chet Atkins and John Mayer, became part of the guitar as they played-guitar and man became one. I will now add you to that distinguished list. You have a touch and complexity with the instrument that is unique. Amazing Grace, Twin Peaks, Foggy Mountain Breakdown-each different but displaying such a relationship with your guitar. I"m confident I will enjoy your exceptional talent for years to come.
Ed Giecek in usa    120322 11:38
Great stuff. Glad I found you. Keep up the good music.
Søren A in Denmark  120316 15:40
Hi Martin :)

I´d like to know what software you use, when you mix more than 1 guitar to a track? Is it possible to record a rythmguitar into one file, a lead into another file and song + other stuff in more files and then mix it all together?
Don Hsrris in UK  120310 14:59
Hi found you on YouTube by mistake, have now watched all the video's over and over.
Absolutely blown away.
Please come to UK soon.
Mike Boucher  120303 4:21
I would love to buy your arrangement of A Whiter Shade of Pale. For that matter, I would also love to see what else you have arranged. I am working on on a version of Here there and every where and I would like to run the melody different than I am doing it the 1st time around. I am playing it in A however, and I think everyone does it in G.

Anyway, I am a great fan and would love to buy that arrangement and others.

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