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Kevin Moran in San Diego  120302 17:50
Hi Martin,

Really nice playing!
I'm off to Amazon to purchase.

Ely Jaffe in Passaic  120229 18:08
(Trying your email too!)
Hi Martin, your playing is incredible! I have a quick question for you please!!
1) I see you sell tabs, is it legal to sell tabs of your own interpretation to a cover song, (like you do) or do you need to obtain rights? If so, where can you obtain rights from?
I would like to start selling tabs OR instructional videos....are they the same legal category? Thanks in advance!! Attached is a video example of what I do and want to tab out! Eagerly awaiting your reply!
Jim Burger in Pittsburgh Pa    120228 4:27
Amazing work! Love it. Just found you on YouTube. Already a fan.
Gary Piela in canterbury ct  120226 6:00
Your an incredible talent,your playing is breath taking. My brother is great banjo player and when learning to play guitar myself I always new I should have practiced with my bros thumbpicks more cause now I love it, watching you has inspired me to dust off my old thumbpicks. GREAT STUFF MAN! Did you grow up on Buster B Jones cause outside of T.E your the real deal
bob  in Monticello  120224 0:23
Just found you music on youtube. Wow, very tastee. You have a lot of soul....
Jason Gatewood in Coeur d'Alene, ID  120223 22:57
Hi Martin, first off - I love your videos of your songs/arrangements on YouTube! You're playing is wonderful. You also have some beautiful looking Loef guitars as well. I see that you have experimented with the Miniflex Model 4 mic, and wanted to get your opinions on setting up a pickup/mic system for small bodied guitars for mostly fingerstyle play. I'm used to using the Fishman Rare Earth Blend, and have tried the new Baggs Anthem system. I don't care for under the saddle piezo elements at all, but I do like the dual source idea. I have thought of trying the Duncan Magmic with the K&K Mini... anyhow, I won't bother you any further. If you have any suggestions or experiences that you could share - I would love to hear them. Thank you for your time, and keep writing those beautiful arrangements! Jason
Norman Clark in Phoenix, Az  120220 3:46
Martin, Tack för din musik och tabulatur. Du spelar gitarr vackert! Du är väldigt snäll att dela!

I love your music, awesome!
Sim in Malaysia  120219 7:35
Hi Martin,

Today Feb19,2012 is a great day coz I discover you !
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