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Gary in Oklahoma 120216 15:42
I appreciate your talent and your soulful delivery of the music.
I suspect the angels in Heaven pause to listen when you begin to play.
Timofey in Ukraine    120214 21:33
Martin thank you for tabs.
Thank you for your music!
Rosanne Yu in Los Angeles, USA  120213 3:40
Do you give on line guitar lessons? I'd like to learn
Dueling Banjos. I've learned to play Foggy Mountain Breakdown with an on line teacher in the Netherlands inspired by your You Tube video. Thanks for sharing
your talent.
Mike Suter in Eugene, Oregon  120212 6:48
I've built "Marie" and "Whiter Shade of Pale" into my daily practice routine. I can only aspire to your expressiveness.
Is it possible that tab for "Bluefield" will become available?
Thanks, Mike
Terry in Massachusetts  120210 17:50

I just discovered you via YouTube about an hour -- wonderful arrangements and skill! Just bought your CDs through iTunes. Are you selling the tab to Snake Bite? Would love to learn it. Recently bought a Taylor 814ce -- you've really inspired me to focus on fingerpicking.

Take care!
Tim Raison in Bailey, CO  120210 13:20
Hey Martin,
I heard about you through Al (Petteway). He's an old friend from back east. I could not resist Foggy Mountain Breakdown, incredible! I feel guilty about the free tabs but will be picking up some CD's and tabs for sure. Really looking forward to listening and playing (what I can manage) to your music. Again, great arrangements and ripping it up.
max aspegren  in sweden  120207 18:23
Hej Martin

Jag hörde ett par låter som du har arrangerad bla ... a whiter shade of pale . Jag blev starkt berörd av rytmen och klangen . Nu undra jag om det går att få tag på notböcker med dina arrangements ?

Hälsningar Max
Andrew Thomson in Melbourne, Australia  120206 11:27
Hi Martin

I discovered you via Acoustic Guitar magazine - tab of Whiter Shade of Pale. Purchased Acoustics via iTunes and completely knocked out with the CD. I always ignored open tunings in the past but your arrangements of The Rose and Forever Young have me hooked, I love playing them.

Thanks for your inspiration

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