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Matthew Williams in Maynardville, Tennessee  120204 20:24
How can we get your version of Amazing Grace?
Kurt in Oberhaching  120204 18:22
Hey Martin,

for me one of the most inspiring acc. guit CDs of the last decade.
thank you for sharing this fantastic music to the world,

take care
Mike Weage in Angola, Louisiana    120203 4:06
Hey Brother Martin,

You're an amazing musician and you inspire me to keep up with my guitar playing. I am currently trying to learn "Whiter Shade of Pale" and I'd eventually like to learn Summer Breeze and Foggy Mountain Breakdown but my fingers can't stretch that far being a 16 yr. old. could you please post more free tabs! God Bless You!
Ian Hemming in UK  120130 5:42
Heard your arrangement for whiter shade played by hanzp. Only just started to learn computer and I'm so impressed with the talented people I have seen. You are so kind to supply music and tabs for free. Thank you for the many hours I'll have trying to play your arrangements - kind regards - Ian
Mark Connors in Johnstown, PA    120129 14:28
I would like to learn to record home videos like you do but, have no experienc at all. I do have a home recording set up (Boss BR-8, and condenser mics). Doing video with it is a mystery to me. How is this done? Thanks for you consideration nad sweet playing. Mark
Dennis   120125 3:22
Just came across your videos and I have to say I was impressed ! especially "Man of constant Sorrow" Just had drop you this message and say bravo ! and have added your site to my favorites.
Jeff Mackie in Oregon  120123 22:13
You da man.................friend-o-mine learning the banjo (starting with foggy of course lol) and I was hoping to learn a backup guitar part.Thanks for your post and I'll stick with the chords for now.
E in New Jersey, USA 120121 15:29
Hey Martin, I've purchased and nearly learned Freight Train in its entirety -- fantastic work and well worth the $5! Several months of enjoyment and counting.

Any chance you will be tabbing out Jiffy Jam? I would happily pay another $5 for your masterpiece!

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