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patrick in knsas  120121 13:03
Hi Martin, I really like your style and the music that you play. I purchased the man of constant sorrow tab. Its tricky, Im struggling to do it like you with all of the little nuances. Is it possible to get tab for amazing grace the way you play it on youtube. If so that would be great. Thank for your music and thanks for your time, have a great day. Patrick
Rusty Luthe in Chapel Hill, NC  120120 18:24
Just ran across your stuff today and of course impressed. Just wanted to tell you thanks, nice playing and all the rest of the best. Tommy E will be here next month and looking forward to it. I assume you and he are pals?
Kent in Ventura, CA  120118 20:23
I love your playing and want to thank you for the free guitar tabs. I'm loving your composition Marie--it is beautiful and such a peaceful change of pace from the rags and blues I'm working on.

juan in argentina  120116 4:11
muy buena musica you are the boss. you want some tangos of my country tell. thanks master juan
alfred weinbacher in vienna austria  120115 21:48
hello martin

you are a great musican

thanks for the free tabs

i have a big fun with these great tabs

greetings from vienna
Diolojackelyn in Rosebush    120115 10:25
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jummafredricka    120115 8:22
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Tara in Washington DC  120114 3:05
Hello, Martin,
Wish you had a CD! We love hearing your music on yourube and hope you make a CD soon. Great talent. Hope to hear lots more from you!
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