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Guest 120112 19:54
hello martin do you have a guitar pro tab man of constant ?? thnx
Joe Parker in Azle, TX  120112 4:22
I am an old Bluegrass loving retired ranch cowboy. I ran across you Foggy Mountian Breakdown on tube and I fell on love with it. I have tried to get it set up for a ringtone on my cell and can't. I have listened to your work, and I have seen a lot of guitar players, am one my self. Used to play with a littel Bluegrass band when I was on the ranch in Colorado and I have not seem anyone smoother than you are. You have been blessed with a mess of talent, take care of it and keep up the great work. I love it.
Joe Parker
Tom Steward in Australia  120112 1:54
Hi Martin,
Big fan! Your playing and arrangements are brilliant! I love your version of Time of My Life by Greenday, and was wondering if you have plans to make a tab sometime? Keep em coming! Cheers mate.
Rory Stromberg in Thunder Bay  120111 7:12
Would you be able to do guitar pro tabs up for Man Of Constant Sorrow? Thanks. Love your style, saw Amazing Grace on youtube and thought I'd never be able to find tabs for it and actually did! Can't wait to hear more.
Rob Bailey in China    120107 8:55
Martin, really enjoy your composition and sense of fun you bring to these songs! Already learned a few of your free pieces and just bought Dueling Banjos. Keep up the great work! Let me know if you're interested in coming to China!
David   120106 12:53
hi I have just bought the freight tab from you but it didn't down load. So have had to pay again

Cheers David
Gerd Unger in near Heidelberg    120106 10:44
Hi Martin , at first i want to wish you a happy and banner new year 2012.
I hope you are ok - go one with your music - my wife and i love your music so much!!!

All the best
Anna & Gerd
Shaun in Santa Barbara California    120103 6:36
Hi Martin,
came across your youtube demo for the miniflex mic while I was seeking solutions to my flamenco guitar conundrums. Like many others, I am much impressed, not only by your technical virtuosity, but by the spirit that moves in your playing style and music. I can practice all day to get that special lick just right; now what I need to do is relax and let the music sing for itself, as you seem to do. But maybe that's the hardest part.
Best wishes,
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