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Steve Weemaels in Belgium - Flanders  120102 11:51
Hi man,

Just found you by accident on Google, looking for the Foggy Mountain Breakdown. I don't get easily impressed, but this thing rocks!!

Great job!


Praveen in Canada    120102 7:45
Hey man, I just wanted to say that you are a big inspiration to me. I would love to see you live. Do you tour?

Herbert Vogel in Germany    120101 14:27
Hallo Martin,

ich spiele Gitarre seit über 40 Jahren und bin erst vor kurzer Zeit auf Deine Musik aufmerksam geworden. Im Moment übe ich an mehreren Kompositionen von Dir und Du ahnst nicht, was das mir für eine Freude macht.

Ich wünsche Dir ein glückliches und gutes neues Jahr und bedanke mich ganz herzlich für Deine Musik,

Hal  in Tampa, FL  120101 1:27
I'm a 54 y/o grown man and I almost get teary-eyed listening to some of your interpretations. Amazing Grace is one of 'em. I don't know that I've seen many who are as smooth as you are. Just absolutely gorgeous music. Continued success to you - Hal
Bill Crutchfield in Fairfax, VA    111231 14:42
Just downloaded a few songs. I like your variation of fingerpicking, both left and right hand techniques. Also, I like the alternate tunings. Thanks for some great work. I'll let you know how it goes.

stephen glovak in lancaster, ky  111231 0:26
Mr. tallstrom you are one of the greatest firngerstyle guitarists to have ever lived and your version of amazing grace is probably the greatest version to ever be writen.
Joe in Illinois  111227 19:41
I have seen some of the best guitarists in the world-I have played for years and I want to say--
Your pickin is absolutely amazing!
Peter in Schoondijke NL    111227 11:42
Hey Martin,
This morning I heard you for the first time, wonderfull player are you, the songs are great, keep on going. I'm a luthier from the Netherlands see my website. I build alot of parlor guitars, I love the sound of it. Is your cd only available on Itunes and Amazon?
Please let me know
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