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alex in edinburgh    111225 0:24
hi there, i was wondering what program you sue to write your own tabs? do you know one which you can play into and it tabs for you as you play?
thanks and love your twi peaks covers!
Richard T in Nora 111223 18:00
I'm a great fan of Your works Martin and always come back to Your page(s) to read and listen to You. Your style is awesome and the smooth touch is masterclass! I think You may be the living proof that You don't have to be toothless like the guy in 'The Deliverance' to play as good as You do! ;-) Still I'm wonder if not the Gotlandsruss has a finger med i spelet... I wish You the best and a very merry Christmas to You. Unt se Julsnaps: Skål för fan! (That's cheers in eng. folks) /Richard, Sweden
Anastasya in Russia  111221 14:38
Hello, Martin. Thank's for your video and links. It' difficalt to find melody for open G tuning.
Mark Chatten in Ontario Canada  111221 1:31
Hello Mr. Tallstrom.. I have been listening to your guitar playing over and over again.. All I can say is, you are an amazing musician. I have never heard amazing grace played the way you do it... I wish to someday be able to play half as good as you! I am looking forward to purchasing your cd's..... Keep up the amazing work! Sincerly: Mark
Gary Carroll in Winchester, VA/USA 111219 21:44
Astounding work! LOVE your style.
Claude Larente in CANADA  111219 16:07
Hi Martin

Thanks for the licks, just fabulous stuff your doing. Well played, just like playing a Banjo

Merry Christmas and awesome New Year

CHEERS: Claude
Claude in CANADA    111218 5:50
Good day Martin

Awesome fingerstyler, keep up the good work friend, MERRY CHRISTMAS IN ADVANCE

CHEERS: Claude and Noella
Olav in Finland    111217 22:41
Hi Martin!
I´m a Luthier from Finland! ;-) I´d love to hear some new stuff from You!
And I need to buy some more CD:s too!

Take care! and say hello to Marie and Kids!

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