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Chris Lofgren in Kohler, Wisconsin, USA  111217 6:03
I have your tab for the original "Dueling Banjos" which is
challenging for a bango player attempting to relearn the guitar after a 25 year lapse in playing. I saw your new YouTube video of a slower version -do you have a tab available?

I truly enjoy your music! I have recommended you to over 15 of my friends. Best regards.
dwayne in england  111216 16:59
hi martin

i just bought your album its amazing , can i still purchase tabs even in england ????
Jeff Wittenfeld in Sattle, WA USA    111216 1:26
Hi Martin,

I just ran into your YouTube video of Silent Night.

It is amazing how great a simple song can sound when played by an accomplished player!

Thanks for posting this lovely rendition that even a beginner can work through.

If you know of any other nice sounding melodies within reach of a beginning fingerstyle player, I'm all ears.


J 111212 5:13
brilliant and tasteful playing, you've made me want to keep trying, thank you
burkhard bellin in Berlin  111206 22:46
Hi Martin,
Im waiting for your new CD. Anything new ?
I wonder what your soundcard is, Im using
Toneport 2 from Line6 with sonar 8, T-Bone SC -450 ( mic ) but my tone sounds lousy, any advise ? Because Im just starting
to make backups for improvising or easy fingerpicking tunes for fun guiding help out of experience can shorten up things. I like your relaxed full tone.
Besides your Jerry Reed tunes, anything from Marcel Dadi from you ?

steve haddican in England  111205 9:38
Watching you play guitar is a joy to behold. Such grace of finger movement and played with a smile :o) A real inspiration. Purchased your Album from Amazon . . . and I'm loving it!, a great mix of impossibly fast, and slower (dare I say achievable for us mere mortals . . . well perhaps one day!) beautiful melodies. Excellent stuff!
P.S. "Martins Rag" and "The Road that Leads Back Home" are just fab!
Bob Masnado in Madison, Wisconsin USA  111205 3:19
Any chance you'll be playing in the USA soon? Specifically anywhere near Madison, WI or Minneapolis, MN?

Found you on YouTube while trying to improve my fingerstyle techniques. I love your style. Great stuff!
hp in denmark  111130 18:49
fuck det er noget fedt musik du spiller,,, bare det var mig , du er da 1000000 gange for nice... smiler
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