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Raz in Israel  111109 5:34
dear Martin,
I found your site in one of the forums around the net. there was a very nice section of acoustic guitar and link to your site.
i'm a pro jazz guitarist for many years and i heard a few tunes played by you. really really enjoyed the sound, style and i wish you all the best :-)
Bruce B in USA  111108 11:29

Tommy Emmanuel is playing in Sweden in January (24 and 26). Can you guys get together and jam and put a video on Youtube??


Max in Italy    111106 0:28
Hi Martin, I like so much your "Acoustics" and thank for the free tabs, I'm playing The rose and Forever Yung since 4 hours!!!
Anders Svarén in Varberg  111101 23:10
Hej Martin! Köpte din cd "Acoustics" för en tid sedan och gillar den väldigt mycket. Undrar om du kommer att släppa någon ny cd snart. Det är nog många med mig som önskar att få höra lite nytt från dig.

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Eva in Greece  111030 18:46

Dan Weniger in LA  111029 3:08
Hi, I am trying to learn your version of Foggy Mountain, I'm looking at your tabs but I feel like I'm not hearing what I see in the first 2 measures. It's very fast so it's hard to tell... Anyways, do you have any videos that break it down? Or any trips you can give me?
JP Sheridan in Ireland 111028 22:30
Hey Martin. I purchased the tab to Duelling Banjo. First time I've ever used tab and it took me a lot less time than I thought to get it going! Great stuff, you really are excellent. Anyway I've a question: Have you tried the Donnell Miniflex live at all? Cheers, JP
Ray Alexander in Canada    111028 14:34
I think this would be a great tune for you to intreprit - Born On The Bayou by Creedance Clearwater Revival
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