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Mark McGlashan in London Uk & Warsaw    111024 21:56
Martin, I take a hat off to you. Great solo arrangement of Dueling Banjos. This song first came known to me by watching the movie Deliverance when I was a child. Hearing you playing the song today in 2011 on youtube is real pleasing to the ear. Happiness success & peace to you. I will purchase your CD.
scott johnson in Louisville, KY    111023 19:00
I just learned Dueling Banjos and Jerry's Breakdown. Thank u so much for the tabs! I'm hoping you'll go on tour in Kentucky one day, hopefully Louisville. I'm trying to get my guitar, that was given as a gift to play at my dad's funeral, autographed by all the guitar players that inspire me to keep playing.
garry martin  in lake station in usa  111022 18:59
you make it look effortless you are very gifted how about doing a chet styl of wildwood flower
Blayde Boyd in Anchorage, AK  111020 1:54
You have helped me to become a better guitar player, thank you. Your web page is a real treat and your music and playing really are an inspiration to me, don't stop. Blayde
James Lee in Murfreesboro, TN  111019 1:41
Really amazing work. I would absolutely love to see you play somewhere here in the U.S. You are an outstanding musician.
Su in England  111018 0:33

Hello Martin,

I just found Falling Leaves..I love it. So beautiful. I'd like to use it as my sounds track of my video for website. Working on an animation on about me page. I am working in healing? Once I get track on cd it ok to do that?

Scott in Forbes NSW  111016 11:37
Hey Martin. You are a great Guitarist. Never heard a version of Amazing Grace like that before. I have the tab but i'm not sure about the tuning. I could see something up the top but when i done that tuning it still didnt sound right. I would love it if you could help me out.


mauro raponi in Rome  111016 11:36
Best wishes for your undeniable and incredible talent!
I have two questions if you want to answer: how would you define Loef guitars? and then, what reverb do you use?

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