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Walter Tschol in Austria, Tirol  110920 13:35
Hi Martin!
Today I bought your excellent tabs of "Dueling Banjos" for solo guitar and downloaded! Simply wonderful!. Also very nice to your video on YouTube! I play Martin and taught more than 30 years of classical guitar. I am now retired and want to play more different music again. I especially like your finger-picking game! To “Duelling banjos I have some questions.I have the printed notes from Dueling Banjos before me. The notes and tablature is clear.Also I understand the signs for stroke down and up under the tablature. The numbers in circles are the strings. What does mean the sign “T” below the string numer 2(B)? n "T". Or string number 1,4,3, and including "M, I, T". Or "I, M" under the tab alone. Could it be that T = thumb, I = index finger, and M = medius = middle finger? Can I play the piece without a capo? Why use at II.Bund? Excuse my strange questions Martin. Please excuse my poor English too. Please send me a small return mail. sincerely Walter, Ranggen ., Austria Tirol 20.09.2011 My e-mail address:
kevin  110916 19:36
I just purchase the tab for constant sorrow last night and my youtube email is all outta whack so i was wondering if you could send the tab to my email my pay pal was kdagostino
josef Geszti in hjo  110915 17:52
Hallå! Master of the guitar tribe. Fingerpicking har fascinerat mig sedan jag hörde tekniken 1979. Jag spelar så mycket jag kan och försöker att utveckla mig. Jag är mycket imponerad och inspirerad av din teknik. Jag skulle vilja fråga hur du gör flasionetterna i summerbreeze. Sedan undrar jag om du har gett ut någon instruktionsdvd? Ha det så bra och tack för att du delar med dig vissa tabulaturer.
jeff in washington usa  110915 6:03
i love your songs, been playing guitar myself in the past, hope i can be as good as you someday
Marc in Georgia, USA  110915 3:50
Thanks Martin for sharing your music. Very uplifting and inspiring. You and your music.
Mark in texas  110909 6:06
I love you're playing. Your mastery of the instrument is inspiring and listening to your music makes me practice that much harder.

I am lucky to own an acoustic bass and Dreadnought made by Mr. Olaf Loef. I love the tone of his guitars and he is truly a master craftsman. I sent him an email recently asking for his recommendation for amplifying the acoustic bass. I specifically asked about the Miniflex Mic2 and he recommended that I contact you to see how you thought it would perform in thE bass. I know that you have used their system in your guitars. What about bass? Do you feel that it would be a good solution? Any help is appreciated.
Thank you and please keep posting videos. It gives us all something to aspire to.
PS: I take lessons from every once in a while to add a new skill and I showed my teacher your site and he was blown away. Another new fan for you!
Ben in USA - California  110908 8:44
Love your music, I will be purchasing your CD. I noticed that on your YouTube video for Ambient Groove it said that the Tab and Backing Track are available on your site, but I can't find it. Is it still available? Love that song. Keep up the great music!
Nora in Singapore  110907 21:40
Greetings Martin!

Your arrangement of Freight Train is my favourite. I hope to be able to play it one day. You're a supercharged (and super-in-charge) guitarist! :)
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