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bob stuart in Edmonds, WA, USA    110905 17:27
Mr.Tallstrom, I've been listening to you for about two years now and have purchased your CD. I have to say that you are among my favorite guitarists. I try playing, but have no aspirations of ever achieving the level of ability that you possess. You are truly gifted. I very much appreciate your willingness to share your music with the community of guitarists. I am looking forward to your next CD.

I have a few questions for you: Are you self-taught or are you classically trained? Either way, you make beautiful music. Any tips for those wanting to improve their guitar playing?

Keep up the great work and thank you again for sharing.

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Jonas in Stockholm SWE  110904 22:43
Hey Martin,

i started to play guitar about a year ago and lataly found fingerstyle very fun and challenging. Your flow and tone choices are amazing :D Thanks for the inspiration to keep practicing and please do more cool covers :D

Horacio Camacho in Bogota, Colombia  110831 4:59
Beautiful version of forever young, such a soulful tune!
Very playable in open G tuning, will try it out.
Congrats Martin!
Thanks for uploading the tab.
Keep up the work, more '80's stuff!
Jerry Stroud in Muskogee, OK  110830 18:36
Hey just found you on the web. Your playing is fantastic! I purchased a tab from your site and wondered if there is some instruction somewhere on how to read the tab? More specifically the right hand fingering. Just a beginner, if you couldn't tell!
Piotr in near Warsaw, Poland  110826 13:34
Hi Martin,

... Tree months ago I bought a new guitar (after 20 yrs break) and want to learn some new stuff. After few minutes on Youtube i found "your's" Freight Train... It tottaly trew me on my knees ...

You are fantastic guitar player. Thanks for all. I'm very inspired.

Bryan in Nashville  110824 6:14
Hi Martin!

Just discovered your music. I made the mistake of listening to it in front of my may never allow me to play it again. :-)

I'm totally inspired, particularly by your Summer Breeze tune. Thanks for sharing the tab for it, along with all the other fantastic transcriptions. It's great guitarists like you that make the instrument come to life. When the guitar is in able hands, like Segovia said, it is a "small orchestra".

Thanks my friend, and please come visit us in Nashville sometime. There are many great venues for someone of your talent.

All the best,

alain in frence  110822 12:05
toujours un reel plaisir de vous entendre jouer....cette musique reste un véritable bonheur à écouter...
un admirateur et tres amateur guitariste...occasionnel
Ben Pape  in Kentucky  110821 6:29
HOLY FREAKING COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have to be the best at what you do. Thanks for the inspiration you gave me and i know countless others. Your make your instrument an extension of your soul and it shows. You have mastered your craft sir.

God bless,

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