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Sadie in South Africa  110813 15:10

I just have to say that your fingerstyle arrangements are amazing and beautiful, as well as inspiring :) I wish my playing could have so much emotion in it...

Iván Gómez in Stuttgart  110809 18:38
Hur mår du Martin?

jag hetter Iván ett kommer från Spanien. I discovered your work about 2 weeks ago in youtube and I loved it. I played guitar about 10 years ago and then I quitted. But after seeing your videos I think I am going to start playing again and do some courses.
I speacially linke Man of constant sorrow :-)
Chuck in California    110808 19:22


GREAT guitar work!

I'll call you Fire Fingers, grin.

Philip in New York  110808 16:18
Phenomenal playing ! Also, you have figured out how to get the best recorded sound I have ever heard from a steel string. Bravo !!!!
Jack in Atlanta, Georgia  110808 2:54
Hey, I just purchased the Man of Constant Sorrow tab along with your Dueling Banjo's arrangement, awesome. Thank you for taking the time to tab them accurately. I would love to buy the tabs for Jerry Reed's Breakdown if you get the time to make them. Thanks again for all the awesome music you've shared. For the record, I suggest you change your name to Butter, as you just glide over the neck... simply awesome.
Michael  110808 0:09
hello! you are amazing and i learn so much just from watching you i would like to learn foggy mountain breakdown but the guitar pro link is broken i would love to learn it and im sure there are others who are sad about the broken link. thank you very much!
Tor in Norge  110806 19:12
Hei igjen Martin!

Jeg lastet ned Twin Peaks theme'et fra siden din. Nydelig arrangement! Jeg har gjort lite med harmonics så jeg sliter :-)

Ha fortsatt fin sommer!!

Sarah Nunn in Holland  110803 14:55
Hi there, I've just found your music on youtube and wow, I'm in awe. What beautiful, beautiful music. I could only dream of being such a good guitarist.
I've just listened to Mystery Melody and am wondering if you made a tab for this as I can't see it on your site?
Warm wishes
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