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cyril in calgary  110803 13:59
what kind of finger picks do you use?

do you tour?
Guest 110803 5:28
Man if only I could play like u do
Your rendition of man of constant sorrow is my favorite
Could u teach me how
Chris McCusker in Australia    110801 3:54
Just wondering where you got the flash unit on your video page from? I'm building a site for Aaron Hopper and he likes the player. If you could let me know I would be most grateful.
Thank you,
PS. Love your site.
GARRY ZAPPA in U.KINGDOM  110731 8:47
Martin,,in your tabs for sale do you give us a comprehensive view on video of the fingerings at both ends of the guitar?.,...,,love the bluegrass/blues sound you get from your playing.. Thanx
Ludwig Meindl in Germany/Bavaria  110730 15:10
There are notes or tabs of duelling banjos for one guitar?

Thank you
max hansson in sundsvall,sweden  110727 15:01
hej Martin!!
i just love your music. i was just woundering if you maybe could make some tutorial videos.??
ely jaffe in israel    110726 14:56
Hi Martin,
Your playing is absolutely incredible and very inspirational! Your original songs are amazing as well!
I actually have a question regarding your tabs...
I would like to start making tabs for covers of songs that I do on youtube, and sell them either on a subscription based business or individually like you do, and I was wondering if you could give me a rundown on he legality of making tabs of covers and selling them, or if you had any advice regarding how you make and selling them.....your response would mean sooo much to me and be so helpful! Thanx! I'm on youtube at and, check me out if you get a chance, thanx again, your awesome!
aldo in Italy  110725 23:52
Hy Martin, you made me back the desire to play, thanks
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