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Bruno Corry in Edison N.J. USA    160213 22:42
Though I play mostly Jazz, I love your playing. It reminds me of Chet Atkins, Lenny Breau, Marcel Dadi and many new things rolled into on. My style is also there. Your arrangements are a delight. I'm Hooked
Denis Mckeown in North Yorkshire England  160213 19:18
lovely discovery you were playing an Astrand, will explore more
David Wren in Canada    160212 3:16
Hi Martin ... just heard you playing "What a Wonderful World" ... the most beautiful playing and arrangement I've heard in a long time. Just breathtaking! Do you have the tab for that available for purchase?
Johan Sundin  in Härnösand   160209 21:05
Hej Martin!

Måste först och främst säga att se och höra dig spela i dina youtube videos är så fantastiskt häftigt. Riktigt imponerad av det du gör, keep up the good work!
Tänkte också kolla med dig om du gör solo spelningar där endast du deltar och om det går att kontakta dig på något sätt. Tacksam för svar!

Mvh / Johan
gordon Meyer in New Jersey, USA  160202 17:34
I am so very impressed with your playing and your arrangements that I am compelled to communicate that to you. I've been playing music all my life both professionally and just for fun of it.
I play a similar style to yours and love the sounds you create and your wonderful technique. I've studied classical guitar, piano and theory formally, though I consider myself mostly a self taught musician.
Just wish I could study with you for awhile.
I'm slugging my way through your tablature for "A WhiterShade Of Pale" I've got 8 bars sounding something like a song!
Oh yes, a question: what is the particular guitar you're playing on that song?
Gordon Meyer
JACK BEARD in New Jersey,U.S.A.  160202 0:30
Love your "Forever Young" Thanks to you I am nailing it.Your incredible! Thanks Bro,sincerely ,Jack Beard
Benjamin Maier in Germany  160127 21:27
Hello Martin,

well, 1220 entries : ) that is nice. I hope so dearly that so much more will come to find out what incredible music you create. What a precious gift God gave you, it is beyond words.
Since I found you a few years ago you accompany my life, while I drive the car, after a fight with my wife and trying to calm down and focus again, showing my kids what beautiful music can feel like, while I drive to work in the morning after switching off the fuzzy radio stuff nobody can bear to listen more than a minute... or when I like to cook and nobody else is bothering me ... Well, I think that is a thank you for your music. Trying to describe what music does to my life. And you, Martin, are AWESOME. THANK YOU!
Danny Coldwell in London  160124 1:05
Hi Martin

Hope the new year has started well for you. Will you be doing a tab for your cover of 'Angel'? Beautiful, sparse version. Love it.

All the best

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