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Loren Neufeld in Winnipeg MB Canada  151210 18:52
Hello Martin, from a Canadian! Just dropped by here for the first time. Like your Music allot! Originals and arrangements. All played with an exquisite tone, technique and feel. I am going to try to play a few of your arrangements via the TAB page...I thank you for the opportunity! Great website! I will return to visit again soon...Peace and Love
Kevin Severson in South Dakota, USA  151203 21:58
how often are you playing in an open G tuning?
Mark Mehlos in Merrill WI  151128 23:57
Hi Martin,
I love your open G arrangements on free tab for The Rose, and He Ain't Heavy. I am interested in purchasing one or probably both of your Tab collections. Can you give me an idea which are altered tunings?
I am breaking in a custom made sinker redwood/wenge guitar, and these songs sounded awesome!
Thank you in advance,
John in Colorado USA  151120 18:52
I love how you make it look so easy.. kind of makes me want to throw my guitar out the window and after 51 years of playing guitar and find a different instrument to play... Not really... you are my inspiration, you play the music I like and pick with 4 fingers on the right hand as I. I love what you do and wish you every blessing.
J.C. Hamilton
alessandro in Roma...Italy    151110 20:29
hello Martin
as a long time picker and as a long time luthier, mostly building classical and now facing steel string I clearly tell you I love the way you play.
My first choice for steel string guitar playing is Michael Hedges.
My inspiration. He changed my mind and my life.
But I love your composition and the way make them so easy to listen and to appreciate.
It's music.
I adore LA Blues...
See you maybe day
Alessandro Toni
55 but with a 20 ...mind and soul
Pelle in Göteborg    151107 18:24
Hejs Martin - tack för din musik, du är grym. Hoppas du kan ge mig en hint när du lirar i GBG nästa gång- jag missade förra gången. Må så bra och kramar från Pelle  151103 22:41
I like the one with the train beat with the brushes. That sound track
thomas  151103 22:40
would you happen to have that background track for the claw. I play the claw myself and that would be fun to play to. Your great my friend! My email is
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