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David Danies in Shreveport La  141216 2:06
Hello Martin; I was the one having trouble with the download, I tried to reply and tell you all is ok but the email would not send?. Anyway I got it thanks.

I was a professional musician since 1967, most notable with the Cotton Dan Band Claude King's road band we also were farmed out to back many other stars that did not have their own band
Claude king's mega hit was Wolverton Mountain 1962

If you get a chance check out my video youtube "If I only had a brain" Cotton Dan. This was shortly after my triple by-pass so I look a little weak. Love all your
work thanks David (Cotton Dan) Daniels
Josh in Netherlands  141213 20:42
Dear Martin,

thx for the silence in your play.
Love it. Also the guitars.
Whats your favorite ?
What about Loeve guitars ?

Jon Wells in Vashon  141210 18:14
You inspire me like no other. Your albums have an unequaled quality to them. Thanks for sharing. I play along with your albums and get such a feeling of peace as i listen and play along.
Thank you very much and EXCELLENT JOB !!
Jon Wells
Bruce Foster in Bali, Indonesia  141208 10:29
Dear Mr. Tallstrom,

Gorgeous arrangement of "Whiter Shade of Pale." Can you share with me the make and model of the guitar (Loef?) and pickup/mic combo?

Bruce Foster
David Daniels in Shreveport La.  141206 1:34
Hi Martin it's 6:32 cst time I just paid for Dueling banjos with paypal and nothing happened. How do I get my tab?? thanks love all your videos
David 141206 1:31
Barry in Texas  141204 0:34
Cheers Martin, one of your biggest fans. It's been fun learning many of your tunes over the years! I love How Great Thou Art and can't wait to learn it to play at my church. However, I am at a loss at how to tune to the tuning you've arranged it in. Can you provide any advice?

God Bless and Merry CHRISTmas :)
gan ganor in tel aviv  141203 19:27
Are there any tabs for your special take on Jerry's breakdown?
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