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Guest 141125 9:07
hi martin. love ur playing. ron wise in alaska usa
chico gouveia in Oporto, Portugal    141115 2:34
congratulations! You have a incredible style and tecnich.
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jim fagen in Orange County, Ca.  141112 5:15
Heilo Martin,You are fantastic. I teach guitar and am 63 with a high frequency loss. I have been playing your arrangement of Jerry,s Breakdown since 2009 with the assistant of a copied version of this arrangement in Chet Atkins book. I have a problem with hearing all that you do. I use the app. Capo for mac's so i can slow it down to a turtle yet w the reverb and my poor ears i don't get it. Is it possible to buy your arrangement of this piece w/a twist? I know it is not one that you have for sale.I got a feeling that you just play it and is your groove! But i thought I'd ask anyway. Sincerely Jim
Joe Thomason in Maryland, USA  141106 1:17
Hi Martin

I found your beautiful music while searching for an acoustic soundtrack of Amazing Grace. You are an amazing musician.

I'd very much like to use your version as the background music in a short YouTube slide show/video tribute to my old Beagle named Jojo who is dying from renal disease.

How can I contact you to get your permission to do so?

David Faill in Britain  141104 16:44
Please ignore my last comment. my own stupid mistake. Found out how to select country and downloaded TAB successfully!
David Faill in Britain  141104 16:31
Hi Martin, love your version of Freight Train. Tried to purchase the tab from you, but the system you use seems to only accept payments from the USA. I'm in Britain. Shame, because I would have loved to have been able to learn your arrangement.
Hannu Räsänen in Finland  141104 6:39
Hi Martin! Thanks for your fine music it is a pleasure to see you playing. If you ever have time please make an arrangement from the Jerry Reed's Twitchy, you'll make a good money, I'm the first to purchase those tabs! I'll think it is one of the best of Jerry's tunes. Also Poor people of Paris tabs would be nice to have.
Greetings from Finland

daniel gendron in canada  141102 18:03
i was wondering if you ever did a rendition of the song "calling you" from the movie "bagdad café. I'm in search of a good version for guitar. thanks!
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