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jorg in spain    140528 12:55
Hi Martin,
I discovered your wunderfull music a couple of days ago. Your playing-technique, sound and feeling are so inspiring for me!! I want to thank you and the day you play in Spain I`ll be there!!
Thanks a million
All the best.
Jo in Germany  140525 9:30
Hi Martin,

3 days ago with Tera arrived your 2 CD's and they both are really stunning.just like the videos, you've made with Tera. Thanks a lot for all this. But now I have to play Tera ;)
I'm curious for new musical projects from you and hope, that you could enjoy Tera enough ;)
Kind regards
Joao Lourenco in Lisbon, Portugal  140524 23:46
Hi Martin!
I am a guitarist with no experience, and I like to discover the great musicians in the net. You were the last one I just found out ... and what a great guitar player you are!
I'm gonna follow carefully!
PS: You've touched on Portugal? Rock in Rio Lisbon?
Bill Dobos in Weston, OR 140522 18:12
Martin, your music is so refreshing; your guitar work so lyrically beautiful! Keep cranking out this stuff--we LOVE it!

Kind Regards,
Bill Dobos
Russell in Ashland Oregon  140522 7:07
Thank you so much for your inspiring music and your generosity. I've been looking for the tab for 'Ambient Groove' and I can't seem to find it. I'd be happy to purchase it if it exists. Thanks in advance for your time and attention.

Best Wishes, Russell Graves

Brian W. Lee  140519 5:43
Hey Martin,
This is Brian
I have done another cover of your song freight train!
I just want a bit of advice from you about home recording.
I am currently using scarlet 2i2 interface and at2020 microphone for my recording (no preamp)
And i use audacity to mix my tracks.
However, it sounds a bit weak and not really full.
I don't know whether i am not mixing it correctly or lacking equipment.
what do you recommend?
I want to hear some of the recording technique you have if you have some time to share with me
Thank you for your time! please email me!
Ralle Peterson in Motala  140513 14:32
Hej Martin.
Vet inte om du kommer ihåg mej... kommer från Linköping, och vi figurerade i samma kretsar på den tiden ( sent 80-tidigt 90 tal )... minns att vi höll till Mickes o Mattes studio på Drottning gatan...
Jag kommer ihåg dej redan då, med ditt musicerande... du hade ett väldigt öppet och fulländat sätt att se på musiken, plus att du redan då var en väldigt duktig gitarrist...
Ville bara säga att jag tycker att du har utvecklats till närmast fulländning ( det kan man ju iofs inte, men... ), och att det som du har gjort här med din akustiska gura är helt underbart att höra på...
Underbar känsla och teknik, snygga arrangemang...

Ha det bra.

Stevie in Scotland  140512 21:26
Hey Martin,

I haven't visited your site for quite some time, but when I used to drop by I always enjoyed learning the free licks you had up that where accessible through Real Player.

I'm wondering whatever happened to them, for I would be happy to pay to gain access to them once again.

Hope all is going well with life and the music, always a joy to watch and listen to you play. Your version of the Twin Peaks Theme get's me every time.

Stay inspired

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