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Shirley in Uk  140408 1:17
Hi Martin
Forgot to mention in my last email. Will you be putting tabs together for he ain't heavy he's my brother and another Jethro Tull's Another Christmas Song. I love your arrangements. Happy to purchase, many thanks, Shirley
Shirley in UK  140408 1:13
Hi Martin
I started learning guitar 4 years ago and you have been my inspiration for focusing on fingerstyle guitar since the first time I heard you play The Rose. You play with such feeling. I practice every day and boy is it hard work. You make it look so easy. I'm lucky in that I have a great guitar teacher who encourages me all the way and who enjoys your music as much as I do. Thank you so much for sharing your extraordinary talent xx
John in UK  140407 8:58
Hi Martin,
Have used your tabs in the past and have been really great can you tell me if I can get He aint heavy he's my brother tabs please?
my band is called The Glamtastics 5 piece glam rock tribute band from the UK face book
we love the glamtastics
hope you are well
keep picking
Denis in France    140405 13:42
Hello Martin

I'm a fan for a few years and I would like to know your setup for recording and mastering.
good music
Lauren  in Dunstable  140403 19:31
Hi Martin,

I hope you get to read this. First let me say your music is just heavenly, I have never found anyone that plays guitar and composes songs like you, I am big fan!
We are a musical family, my dad plays latin guitar and a bit of jazz, we love Pat Metheny and James Taylor, to name a few, but I wanted to contact you about a song I made up listening to your Spring Of Hope, I really hope you don't mind, but my mother died on the 8th March, I lived with her and she was a massive part of my life and I made the song - never to show anyone, but my sister and dad heard it and they wanted me to play it at the funeral and it was played at her funeral, I am so sorry for not asking you first, but it was such a whirlwind time that I forgot to contact you. Everyone was saying how beautiful it was, and I wouldn't mind if you would listen to it and give me your feedback, is there anyway I an send it to you via email?
Thanks so much,
Lauren Pantry
Brian W. Lee in Torrance, CA  140403 10:30
Hello Martin Tallstrom,
I recently got into your music and I absolutely Llove it! This is my cover of "Country Blues"
I'll be doing more covers of your songs.
Thank you!
John in Jeffers  140403 7:50
I loved Acoustics and bought several copies for friends and family. Looking forward to hearing "Summer Breeze." Alaska, USA loves you!
Jimmy Pringle in Austin  140403 5:22
Hi Martin
I am loving your music so much. Thank you for sharing your music!!

Question: How are you delivering the light sounds of strings or shimmer in your YT recordings? I am a performing musician and always looking for a way to make the sound fuller

Thank you! Off to buy your album.

Jimmy Pringle
Texas, USA
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