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Georg Niedermayer in Germany    140207 19:09
Hi Martin - I´m just learning your Mbube arrangement. This arrangement is really amazing, and your playing is just incredible! Now I´m thinking about recording a playback with some rhythm and a few bass notes or even buying a looper and playing just a live loop with rhythm and no bassnotes to make it fit all parts of the song. For live gigs it seems difficult to keep a good groove without rhythm track.
At the moment I´m really addicted to playing your arrangement. Thank you for free tabs (and thanks to Solomon for giving his song almost for free. RIP Solomon and) all the best for you - George
Nigel Lawrence in Whichford, England  140206 15:11
Hi Martin - only recently discovered your music and enjoy it very much - play fingerstyle myself or at least try to !! Any plans for a new album at all soon ? I have both Acoustics and Summer Breeze but would love to hear more.

Your videos and tabs are brilliant and help me get to grips with your tunes..currently learning your version of Freight Train and slowing it down to half speed on YouTube makes life easier !! Best Wishes..Nigel
Shane Evans in Valparaiso, IN    140205 5:15
Hi Martin-

Your cover of amazing grace is fantastic. I am making a video for a non-profit substance abuse program called Frontline Foundations ( based in Northwest Indiana. We were wondering if you would be willing to let us use your version of amazing grace for this video as background music. I'm not sure if they've already reached out to you or not, but I know that typically artists have fees for licensing their music. Would you be willing to give us permission for free if you were to be credited in the video by name/website? If not, what would you charge? Thank you for your time, and keep up the amazing work.
Kevin Claxton in London Ontario  140201 20:29
Been "Shredding " for 28 years and my friend had me listen to your Forever Young cover. Just went and bought my first acoustic today , you are an amazing talent , thanks for sharing your music.
John Kilpatrick in Australia  140201 3:18
Purchased your Acoustics album online about a year ago, & play it to death. Truly love your music. Keep up the good work.
bill reon in windsor,england  140131 15:02
I've been playing guitar since the sixty's
and your playing has made me try playing a completely new style,great thanks
Fran Towey in SAN RAFAEL, CA  140131 4:55
Martin- taking lessons from Rik Elswit in San Rafael and he turned me on to your music. You're amazing man, inspirational. Picking up your music wherever I can.

BTW - Love your new piece.

Will spread the word!
Doug Patterson in Charleston, SC USA  140131 2:35
Greetings from Charleston, SC. My sons and I enjoy your fingerpicking very much. In fact, we can't stop watching "Fool About You." Great groove.

Any chance you will make that tab available on your webpage?

Doug, Jack, and Nick Patterson
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