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Bruce Scheer in Haiku, Hawaii ( Maui)  140101 23:09
Aloha Martin,

Your guitar playing is magic! I am a slack key, fingerstyle guitarist of 35 years--sometimes even happy with my own playing.,,but I have learned a lot from you! Thank you so much for your willingness to share your arrangements. I have used the Itsy Bitsy Spider arrangements with many students---and it is the one that converts them to fingerstyle.
Best New Years wishes to you and your family and friends.
Bruce Scheer
Haiku, Hi
Djamal in Ardèche - France  140101 3:59

Happy new year (2014), for you and family!!

very best regards.

Daniel  in Hull UK 131229 2:09
Martin, your videos are an inspiration and have reignited my somewhat faded passion for the instrument. I was stuck in a rut, playing the same old things and not really having the urge to learn anything new. Thankyou
Rick Beard in USA 131226 0:44
Hello Martin. Gustav sent me your link and I'm delighted he did. I've not seen your videos before. They are pure pleasure. I just picked up a few of your tabs and have my work cut out for me. If you keep a list of people to notify when you travel this way, please put me on it. Merry Christmas
Steve Pace in USA  131222 13:05
Great music, Own your music, and been watching for years. Question, I am working on your, Auld Lang Syne. I do not read music and very little tabs. Can you share with me hoiw to read your tab's?


Finger Style
Moe in Illinois  131221 16:13
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, God Bless YOU! Thanks for the wonderful music. You have become my inspiration for playing. Much like Joel Cooperman, I am 60 years old and you revitalized my love for guitar. I have played a number of your songs in church and get overwhelming response on the beauty of the songs. Thank You!
Joel Cooperman in Missouri  131217 23:51
Martin, I'm a 66 year old guy that played guitar for a living when I was a kid, but couldn't cut the I gave it up. 40 years later here comes Martin and You tube...I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your great music, and tab arrangements but mostly for your inspiration. If you and you tube would have been around back then I would have been Andres Segovia by now ha ha, or mabye not. But for sure the way I feel music would have been a completely different and remarkable experience. Thanks again and Merry Christmas...Joel
Erik Norberg in Borås  131216 15:27
Hej Martin!
Jag beställde ett par cd med din musik som jag fick förra veckan. Jag tycker (från hjärtat) att det är helt otrolig musik... jag älskar den!!! Den har allt som virtuositeten, din tekniska skicklighet är genomgående. Men det som jag också tycker är speciellt och för mig det allra viktigaste är att du inte förlorat känslan i allt du gör... musiken går rakt in i hjärtat på mig och gör att jag blir emotionell. som med O mio babbino caro med Amira Willighagen (YouTube), en nioårig flicka som sjunger opera så att det går rakt in i själen. Annars är jag nästan besatt av gitarrmusik och blir förvånad när andra inte alls verkar höra något av det jag hör, men sådant är livet...
Ha det så bra (alltid) och jag önskar Dig en riktigt God och fröjdefull jul!

PS Jag försöker lära mig gitarr, men har inte samma framgång som du; dock började jag inte förrän vid 57 års ålder (är 64 nu) och ålder ligger mig väl litet i fatet, antar jag...) DS
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