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Scott in Minnesota  130414 22:37
Hey Martin,
Been following your work for years. Glad to see you getting the recognition you deserve. Fantastic work. God bless.
Kate in Oregon  130414 21:19
Hi Martin,
I love your playing, espcially "time of your life" excited to see the tab! But I don't understand the tuning, and it doesn't match the notes. Any suggestions?
Johan Löfgren  130414 10:14
Hej Martin! Mycket länge sedan vi sågs, hoppas allt är bra med dig! Är nyfiken på pedalsteel, skall spela in en platta för barn, countryinfluerad. Hör gärna av dig!
Lofgrenprodution AT
Danny Coldwell in London  130412 4:31
Hi Martin

What happened to the tab for 'The Claw'? Is it still available? Awesome version, by the way.
Tim Paul in Texas  130409 0:00
Martin, Thanks for posting the tabs for Amazing Grace. I plan to learn it and play it for our church sometime soon. You are such a gifted Guitarist. I plan to use all your resources to become a better musician.

Thank you!!
Billy Dodd in Steinhatchee Florida  130408 22:06
Martin I enjoyed Casper Esmann's rendition of something you play in dropped D. You alluded to an upcoming album that may contain this in a full song. I'd loved to purchase the CD and tab if available.

Thanks for the musical inspiration,

Kevin Graves in Wakarusa, IN  130406 15:20
hey Martin ! just wanna say keep up the great work ! hope to meet you some day !

your friend, Kevin Graves
Peter in Winnipeg  130403 16:15
Love your playing...inspiring. I've just discovered Whiter Shade of Pale and, thanks to your tab, can now learn to play it. Thank you.
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