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Peter in england  120819 10:45
You have something that many guitarists I hear now seem to lack, not only do you have an amazing feel and touch, but everything I hear you play is so completely full of soul. A wonderful, wonderful player. After years of trying to emulate some great players, I now just want to sound like you!
Håkan in Värmdö  120817 22:10
Hej Martin!

Vill bara tacka dig för din musik. Jag tror att du är världens bästa gitarrist. Du har allt! Tajming, känsla, groove, glöd, empati, glädje, ja allt!
Det finns många bra gitarrister som är bra "pickers" men du har helheten. Det är bara Emmanuel som kommer i närheten men du har något extra ändå.

Frank in belgien  120814 20:26
Martin snälla, tabs för Lion sleeps tonight!!
Aaron Shell in USA Michigan  120812 20:32
Hi Martin. I just love the feeling you bring to your music. I am a guitar and music lover as well. You have inpired me so much and I have spent hours on youtube hitting the repete button. Just love to toons you bring forth. You got a great gift! Keep up the good work.
Adam Gough in Arona  120811 14:37
I need a video lesson from you for duelling banjos...can you do it, gladly pay you...
Harvey Theriault in Ottawa Canada  120801 18:20
Dear Martin

I am sixty years old and I have been playing guitar since age twelve. Played in lots of bands country, jazz, rock and metal. You are my hero. No one known to the guitar world even comes close. Thank you so much for your music.

Warm regards,
Roger in Canada  120729 23:34
Hi Martin,
I'm learning to play the bass and I really enjoy playing the acoustic bass song. Do you have any other
Joe in Tucson  120728 19:26
Thanks for the music. Really great.
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