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favre sylvain  in paris france   120427 10:56
hi martin,

thanks for your talent , you are a master of the finger picking
you play like hell
i have some problems to order freight train tabs
perhaps for france its nots available
anyway thanks for free tabs foggy mountain
take care of yourself
a guitar picker from paris with pair a blue jeans on
Joseph Walls in Saint Paul  120427 7:33

My Dad began to teach me to play guitar nearly 40 years ago. I grew up playing Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed, Merle Travis, etc. My Dad passed away last year, and I only wish I could have discovered your astounding talent while he was still here. I have watched your Foggy Mountain Breakdown about a hundred times and can't help but chuckle with child-like admiration every time I watch you put burn marks on the fret board. You have a talent. It makes me curious as to what recording a song together might sound like.
Well, Mr. Tallstrom, thank you for your inspiration. At 44, I still find treasures in the world of guitarists.
Thank you.
Greg Drysdale in Garland, TX  120426 4:01
Just discovered you. You play beautifully. Your music stirs my soul. Thanks for making your tabs available. I'll be buying some.

Wenzl Klaus in Germany  120425 21:41
Hi Martin,

you are a wounderfull guitar player.
Do you deliver the notes Freight Train to Germany? How much are the cost for delivery?

best regards, Klaus
Scott in Nashville, TN  120422 1:16

Nashville is your town. I hope you've been or are coming. You would be welcomed with open arms.

And yes, you are the best guitar player I have ever heard and I have heard all of them.

Thanks from a fellow (not nearly as talented) guitar player...

Matthijs Spek in Netherlands    120419 22:32
I found you on youtube searching for demos with the mini flex mic. Simply great, the things you play.
A couple of questions about the mini flex. Do you use it live? Are you having any feedback problems with it?
It seems to be very nice.

Speedy Beers in Carlsbad, Ca    120412 6:40
I found you on youtube listening to another guitar player playing Lyin' eyes. I teach guitar and read music. How do I get your arrangements other than those listed on your website. I didn't see the Lyin' eyes arrangement on your site.


Speedy Beers
Vandy in Tallahassee  120411 0:25
Cool music and hot guitar says it all. I'm attempting to learn your arrangement of Foggy Mountain Breakdown. I was wondering if you had an mp3 of the backing track for sale.

On another note, I love the Acoustics album. Mind blowing production Mr. Tallstrom. It has been a long time for me to hear someone that inspires me to work harder to be a better musician.
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