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Jim in Louisville, KY. USA  111011 3:35
Hello Martin. I just ran across your playing a couple of weeks ago, and I'm truly enjoying it. I've been trying to learn fingerstyle for awhile now and am wondering if I could ask you a couple of questions.

1. From the apparent ease with which you move around the fret board, I assume that you have a really low action on your guitars. How low do you take your strings at the 12th fret by lowering the saddle, and do you file the nutslots down to almost the height of the 1st fret?

2. As with all of the really good fingerstylists I see, you seem to have a really light touch with your thumbpick. I'm not having much luck at keeping mine from overpowering the volume of the finger picked strings. Any suggestions on how to develop a lighter stroke with my thumb? Thanks. Jim
Norm in Whittier, California  111010 18:26
Hi! You have the best fingerstyle guitar arrangement of 'A Whiter Shade of Pale' in the web. I have looked all over and yours is outstanding! It took me a while to learn it but it was well worth it. Since that time, I also discovered 'Forever Young,' a tune that I didn't know until I heard your arrangement. It's very nice of you to share the tabs for free! Thanks for your music, and for the inspiration.
David in Utah  111007 5:35
I love the precision. The softness. Thank you.

Will you be releasing any instructional DVDs? I would love to learn your arrangement of Lyin' Eyes.


michael stone in Statesville NC    111005 20:36
Hi i would like to buy the sheet music and tabs for
a man of constant sorrow and your feature video but i dont know the name of it. I have a pay-pal acct so let me know i wont to learn to play like you wow so good/
chenjiapeng in beijing  111004 19:40
thank you for your great free tabs so much! : )
Sarah in Memphis, TN.  111004 2:04
Love your videos. Your "Martin goes soft" collection is amazing, I can't stop listening. Thanks for doing what you do.
GLENN in texas  111002 4:22
you're the greatest man. Can i get the tabs to your Lyin' Eyes?
Kevin Crouch in Ector, Tx.  110930 17:34
Martin, I found you today on youtube and I have to tell you that your music moved me and spoke to my heart in a way that has not happened in a long time..Your version of Amazing Grace brought me to tears.. You have gained a new fan and I will tell everyone I meet about you.. May our Lord Bless you and Keep you in all of your ways.. Thanks for offering the free tabs..I wish I could play like you brother.. Let me know where I can find your CD's... Thanks again..

Kevin Crouch..
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