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kc in oregon, usa    110930 17:29 are now my new favorite guitarist. Hands down. ...Hot as Tommy Emannuel and smooth as Ed Gerhard..

And thanks for the tabs. I'm a picker too, and appreciate your work to share the music.
Calle Ahlstedt  110930 10:19

Jag pluggar master, klassisk gitarr i nere i Malmö och känner att det kan vara en idé att skaffa en hemsida i dessa tider... Har kollat runt lite och din sida och dess funktioner verkar hittills mest vettig. Är nyfiken på hur du gått tillväga, så om du orkar och har lust, maila gärna mig...

Tack för bra musik!
Sorin in Cluj-Napoca, Romania  110928 9:25
Hi Martin,

I really like your style and your music. I listen to your music everyday. Keep up the good work!
And by the way, do you plan some concerts near Romania? :)

Enrico in Dresden, Germany    110926 11:14
Hallo Martin!

Thank you very much for the great TAB's on this site!
"Amazing Grace" and "Forever Young" are my favorits! I play it on my guitar - every day!
Pleace more arrangements of emotional songs!

Vadim in Stocholm, Hasselby Gard  110925 23:29
Hej, Martin.
Never ever stop doing this! Push the boundaries to the limit. I gotta get up really early in the morning but I cant't stop watching your videos! Blown away! I play myself and I know how much have You put in it... The first to hear/see was the Man of constant sorrow... Awesome!!! And I got totally nocked down by Foggy Mountain Breakdown... :)))))
Btw, McKee inspired me too! I made up a sort of song like u did too and showed the techniques to my followers in private music college :D
michael stone in statesville NC    110922 22:47
I you have a great sound and I like your finger picking style I just bought me a guitar so I can learn to play . Do you offer lessons per web with Skyp
thank you for reply
pieter van Minde in the Netherlands    110921 17:00
Hallo, Martin.
I am studying your number Country Blues in Tabs
I can't fixed it, can you mail me this number,with
the chords and separate open chords .

thank you,Nice day, pieter.
max in sundsvall  110920 21:03

I just love your music and was wondering if you could make some tutorial videos. thank
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