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Sandra Dunlap in North Carolina, USA  110820 18:04
I am speechless...and so enlightened. I had a twin son (Jeremy) to die at 2 months old and one of the songs played at his funeral was The Rose. This song is more than something to listen to for me it is a way to connect with him. He died on September 23, 1988 and I had a grand daughter (Emily) born on September 23, 2010 so this song has come full circle for me and my family and you have mastered the art of it. Thank you!
francesco renzitti in canada  110820 6:52
Great playing! Just wondering if you know of any exercises to develop a right hand like that?
Rupert in UK  110819 1:33
I saw you on youtube, i followed the link to your site. I absolutely loved the samples of both of your albums (acoustic and might be movin on) within a few minutes I bought them both.
Your voice is brilliant as well as the instrumental stuff.

Great production, beautiful composition, great playing skills and arrangements.
For me these CDs are up there with Tommy Emmanuel.

All the best,


P.S. i'm also a guitarist, so will look forward to having a go at a few of your songs. The tabs and videos will really help. Thanks.
Chris in Germany  110818 22:38
Hi Martin,

have bought the tabs from Duelling Banjos.
At page 2 line 22 you write at the 4th note a "g". But i think you play in the video an "e" again as at the beginning with hammer on.
Is that right?

Paul in Cary, NC USA    110817 6:22
Hi Martin,
I learned about you tonight by stumbling onto some other fine acoustic players on youtube. A guy named Bernd Boeckmann has a video playing your song "Marie".
While there are many outstanding guitarists out there (and unquestionably your skills put you in a very elite class), I was even more moved by the beauty and elegance of that composition.
In my opinion that song is truly brilliant, and beautiful in a way that causes my words to fail me and brought a tear to my eye (that has always been a sign to me of a truly inspired musical piece).
Bless you for sharing your wonderful musical gifts with the world. -- Paul
Joe Taylor in Maidstone, Kent, UK  110816 14:37
Great stuff, best acoustic I've ever heard. Wish I could play the guitar like you. Such talent. You inspire me. Many Thanks. Joe
Steve in London UK  110816 8:05
I have played guitar for a very long time and rarely heard such lovely arrangements....I am now addicted to your Procol Harum
I would be interested in what equipment youre using to record
Compressors etc...
I use a martin 000 mostly but just bought a pretty ovation collector model to gig with...i love your sound
Ron Doussett in Calif. U.S.A.    110815 2:00
Some of the best guitar playing out there. I'm kind of partial to bluegrass fingerstyle guitar. I'm really impressed with Foggy Mt. Breakdown. How in the world are you able to place your first finger on the third fret and your fourth finger on the seventh fret ? Doesn't work for me, is there a secret to doing this? Please keep up the great work your are doing and I thank you for sharing your talent with us. Thank you, Ron
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