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Eric Grund in Sweden  110725 11:22
Hej Martin!
(Sorry, in English). Was just wondering if you play gigs, since you don't mention a tour or anything on your web site. Came across your music through U-tube - very nice stuff, very fluid!! It would be great to see you at the Uppsala guitar festival, for example (I live in Uppsala).
Keep playing!
Anders in Malmö/Linköping  110722 23:22
Fantastiskt spel! Ger du lektioner?
Marty Schuyler in Tubac, Az.  110721 2:30

How do I communicate with you regarding the possibility of your performing at our community arts center?

'Love your music!
Jose Garcia in Alaska    110720 19:47
hey really cool music you have on youtube and here : ) eep up with the great work !!

Jose Garcia
Mark in Western U.S.  110719 21:31
Your finger picking has been a great inspiration and thank you for offering so many of your tabs. ..Have purchased all your music on iTunes to show my support and wish you and your family continued success!
Erik Nilsson in Sweden 110719 21:31
Just heard Acoustics on spotify the other day and thought I'd thank you for providing us with some great fingerstyle playing!

When would be the next chance to hear you play live?
menguy in france  110718 19:23
Bonjour Monsieur,
ii'm just falling on my knees... i've got a new king...
France is waiting for you.
Sinisa in Croatia  110716 21:01
Now, that's what I call modern approach to traditional fingerstyle playing. Beautiful articulation, clear sound, exciting playing. Amazing!
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